About Us

Our vision 

OptiCall Software AB's vision is to be the leading provider of software for mobile PBX (Mobile Extensions), which increases people's mobility with a focus on cost control. 


The distributor company OptiCall AB has developed OptiCaller’s products / OptiCall Solutions AB, which since the start in 2004 has funded the development, the company also owns the patent. OptiCall was adopted in Stockholm Innovation & Growth Support Program in 2005 for the development of innovation OptiCall. In December 2009 started a separate company OptiCall Software AB around innovation OptiCall who took over the patents, customer contracts and software. 

Corporate culture 

All individuals have equal rights. OptiCaller’s products are developed by people from Sweden, France, China, India, Greece, Pakistan and Bangladesh. For us, diversity is strength since our market is global. Contact us for the thrill of working with development of next generation mobile office solutions software, or to help making our product available for the rest of the world.

PBX manufactures/distributors/resellers and IP Centrex operators 

Are you an enterprise reseller or work with selling IP Centrex-based business solutions? Then OptiCaller’s is perfect, it increases mobility and offers new mobile office services. At the same time, our unique cost optimization can reduce call costs by 35-95% depending on call basis. 

Patented technology 

Our patent protects the methodology of call optimization where we can utilize mobile Least Cost Routing and Callback or web callback to connect the calls in the cheapest possible way. The patent also covers the method by which it is cheapest to call out via based on the analysis of tariffs. 
The patent is currently approved in Sweden with a priority date 1e February 2005 and also filed for U.S. and Europe.